Nascent Decay (The Goddess of Decay Book 1)

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by Charles Hash

Nascent Decay (The Goddess of Decay Book 1)

"Conflict is eternal; it builds us up into something greater than we really are, or it breaks us down, degrading us into useless fragments."

Rhylie Underhill has one goal in life: to prove that she can survive on her own terms. Following it leads her to join the Exploration Branch of the United Allied Forces, where the dreams of a sheltered, naive girl run headlong into the nightmares that are reality.

Ancient animosities that have simmered between the ruling races of the galaxy for thousands of years come to a boil, and Rhylie becomes a pawn in their cruel game of politics and war. She finds herself helpless beneath the crushing weight of machinations that are more sinister than she could ever imagine.

If she can survive, Rhylie has a chance to become greater than she could ever dream of being, or something beyond the fringes of her darkest nightmares.

She learns that once you have been broken, you can never be broken in the same way ever again.

Nascent Decay is a blend of science fiction, horror, and psychological thriller that takes a dark and urgent ride through a twisted galactic wasteland of intrigue, manipulations and tragedy.

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