Expat Jack: Love In The Club

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by E.V. Bonds

Expat Jack: Love In The Club

When Jack arrives in Shanghai, China he is unsure of what to expect. His first few moments are overwhelming to his senses, The sights, sounds and smells engulf him as he makes his way from the airport to the hotel.

In the hotel lobby Jack meets a group of locals. Meimei, one of the girls in the group, takes a strong liking to him, but he has his sights set on Ivy. They invite Jack to join them at a nightclub, to which a tired Jack reluctantly accepts. In the club Jack and Meimei dance a close, sensual dance, while Ivy dances alone.

Jack wants Ivy but she has had her guard up all night. Meimei's overly flirtatious and straightforward behavior has shown Jack exactly what she wants. Will Jack settle for Meimei, or will he achieve his lust-filled goal of breaking Ivy's hard exterior and awakening her sexual desires covered in the darkness of the nightclub?

Expat Jack - Love In The Club is approximately 4000 words and is Episode 2 of the Expat Jack series of erotic short travel fiction. Love In The Club contains detailed descriptions of public, interracial sex.

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