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Asylum (Loralynn Kennakris Book 3)

Armed. Dangerous. And nothing left to lose . . .

Asylum (Loralynn Kennakris Book 3)

by Jordan Leah Hunter, Owen R. O'Neill

Armed. Dangerous. And nothing left to lose . . .

Asylum is the third book in the Loralynn Kennakris series. It contains the novel: Wogan’s Reef and the novella Asylum; presented together in one volume.

WOGAN’S REEF: War is all hell... and there’s no place like home.
It’s been a rough year for the Nereidian League in its war against the Dominion of Halith. The Doms have had pretty much everything their own way since the beginning. The League’s Colonial Expeditionary Forces have been forced to bend repeatedly, but they have yet to break.

For Ensign Loralynn Kennakris, Lieutenant Commander Rafael Huron, and a Marine captain named Minerva Lewis, the time for bending is over. They’re in a mood to start breaking things, and they don’t much care if they have to go through hell to do it.

ASYLUM: Armed. Dangerous. And nothing left to lose . . .
First they called her a hero. Then they called her a medical problem. Now they’re calling her a criminal. It’s been an exciting first year of active duty for Lieutenant Loralynn Kennakris.

She started it by proving herself to be the League’s most promising young fighter pilot. She’s earned decorations and gained both admirers and enemies. But those rumors wouldn’t go away: dangerous mental instability, hostile tendencies, latent psychosis. Pushed too far, she did the unforgivable, and her enemies finally have the excuse they have been waiting for.

They are right about one thing, though: Kris is dangerous, and now she has nothing left to lose.

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