Sylvia's Torment (Enforcers and Coterie Book 2)

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by Veronica Del Rosa

Sylvia's Torment (Enforcers and Coterie Book 2)

Second in the Enforcers and Coterie series, Sylvia's Torment delves deeper into a world where magic co-exists peacefully with the ordinary, for the most part... **Bonus Novella Included**

He waited to claim her…
Has time run out?

Derek wants Sylvia back – now. His Beta. His second-in-command. His lifemate. As a Top Alpha, few obstacles stand in his way. But even with nearly infinite resources at his fingertips, he's spent months searching for his missing unclaimed mate, her agony slowing driving him feral. If he doesn’t find her soon, he'll destroy everyone in his way.

But not broken.

Three months into her abduction, Sylvia keeps a mental tally as day passes into night. Torture and endless rounds of experimentation push her to the brink. Silver in the walls burns her, drugs keep her complacent. Freedom is a dream. Rescue is impossible.

If she escapes, will she be sane?
If she comes home a damaged werewolf, will her pack accept her…
Or kill her?

Bonus novella included: Unexpected Werewolf

Lori hadn’t expected her world to change. Go to work, avoid her asshole boss Ed, and spend time with friends. Then he came into her life. With a few simple words, he altered everything. Can she accept the new and the unknown?

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