The Last Ereph and Other Stories

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by JD Byrne

The Last Ereph and Other Stories

Kol runs down the corridor, agents of His Eminence hot on his heels. He needs escape, a way out, but all he sees is a heavy wooden door. Does salvation or capture lie behind it? In “The Last Ereph,” he finds the answer and more than he could have ever expected.

That and nine other short stories make up this debut collection from an exciting new voice in science fiction and fantasy. Other stories include:

•“Of That Alluring Fruit,” in which a young woman is tempted to risk all to discover the secret of a mysterious island.
•“The Dragon of the Bailey,” in which a prisoner seizes his opportunity for freedom when it presents itself in the least likely of forms.
•“To Watch the Storms,” in which careful observation brings reward to a weary traveler.
•“The Missing Legion,” set in the world of the forthcoming novel The Water Road, in which a big game hunter stumbles into a harrowing ritual he was never meant to see.
•And “Memory of Water,” in which a man is haunted by dreams of a past he cannot escape.

Ten exciting stories – ten new worlds.

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