Expat Jack: Cleared For Landing

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Expat Jack: Cleared For Landing

Expat Jack: Cleared For Landing

by E.V. Bonds

Fate leads Jack to a new job China, half-a-world away from his average life in the USA. His long-term, loving, monogamous relationship comes to an end as he prepares to leave his old life behind.

With new opportunity Jack feels reborn after a lifetime of boredom. His eyes finally open to the world around him. A new life awaits him on the other side of the Pacific. Before he goes however there are a few things he must do. Jack's lustful curiosity leads him to the unknown depths of Chinatown, where he succumbs to his first interracial experience with a beautiful Chinese masseuse. After his sexual awakening in Chinatown, Jack returns to his girlfriend Sarah for a final period of passionate, lust-filled sex, before his departure to China.

Expat Jack - Cleared For Landing is the prologue to Jack's erotic adventures in the "Orient." This approximately 4000 word short story includes depictions of graphic sex and adult situations.

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