Warrior of the Moon Book I: The Fall of a Warrior

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by Garnet Hart

Warrior of the Moon Book I: The Fall of a Warrior

Warrior of the Moon (Book 1)
The Warrior Falls

“I am Lior Wolverton, a Lycan Alpha, and a god of Asgard, yet you treat me like you’re my equal? No, you’re not. Because you are a daughter of a lowly human and an Elf. You know who the Elves are? They are the sex slaves of gods. In Midgar, a whore. So shut your mouth, get down on your knees, and obey all my orders. One more word from you and I will show you how I punish a whore.” ~Lior

“I am Asra, the daughter of the mighty MacLeod of MacLeod. My title is legit. I do not kneel before a self-proclaimed god who can’t even kill a woman. If you are who you claim to be, grab your sword, put on your battle suit, and defend yourself from my arrows. Make one mistake and you are mine.” ~Asra

WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit scenes and language. FOR ADULTS ONLY.
He is Lior Wolverton, a Lycan god of Asgard.
Odin sends him on a mission to the realm of the mortals to kill a future threat to Asgard. Her name is Asra.
One look at this breathtakingly beautiful half-Elf half-human and Lior cannot control his desire to claim her. Instead of killing her, he hides her in the Kingdom of the Dark Elves. He decides to remain in the mortal world as a self-punishment for breaking his warrior code.

Asra wakes up from a deep slumber. She finds out that she has been asleep for two hundred years. It is now the twenty-first century and she's no longer the princess of the mighty MacLeod clan of Scotland but a prisoner of the very man she hates with every fiber of her being, the man who broke her heart.

Lior is now a billionaire living in the UK, dwelling with the mortals while keeping his pack of Lycans together. It is a different time and the balance of power has shifted. Odin summons him again to do a mission. This is his chance to redeem his old place in Asgard, but he has to deliver Asra to Odin at all costs.

The survival of his Lycan race depends on it.

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Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werewolf Shifter, Lycan, Norse Mythology god

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