Sheet Music Solos For Trumpet Book 1: 20 Elementary/Intermediate Trumpet Sheet Music Pieces

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by Michael Shaw

Sheet Music Solos For Trumpet Book 1: 20 Elementary/Intermediate Trumpet Sheet Music Pieces

Sheet Music Solos For Trumpet Book 1 (Digital Sheet Music)

Skill level varies from easy (Elementary) to medium (Intermediate)

There is a mixed selection of pieces ranging from classical to traditional and folk tunes.

  1. After the Ball
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. Barcarolle
  4. Beautiful Dreamer
  5. Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
  6. The Blue Danube
  7. Camptown Races
  8. Can Can
  9. Caprice
  10. Valse Lente
  11. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  12. Etude
  13. Fur Elise
  14. La Donna E Mobile (From Rigoletto)
  15. Lightly Row
  16. Lullabye
  17. Minuet in G Major
  18. My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice
  19. Ode to Joy
  20. Piano Concerto No 1

Skill Level: Grade1 to Grade 3You can also play together in a duet or ensemble with other instruments with a book for that instrument. To get a book for your instrument choose from the Sheet Music Solos Book 1 series. All arrangements are the same and keys are adjusted for B flat, E flat, F and C instruments so everything sounds correct. Instruments in this series include Tenor Saxophone, Cornet, Piccolo, Oboe, French Horn, Tuba, Flute, Clarinet and English Horn. Please check out my author page to view these books.

Teachers & StudentsMusic teachers can use this book as a teaching aid with new students. Beginners can use this if they want to have a go themselves. My name is Michael Shaw, I hope you find this book useful, Good luck with your music.

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