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A Note Before Dying (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 6)

A NOTE BEFORE DYING is the sixth in the women sleuths mystery series featuring gutsy ghostwriter Roxy Parker.

A Note Before Dying (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 6)

by C.A. Larmer

A NOTE BEFORE DYING is the sixth in the women sleuths mystery series featuring gutsy ghostwriter Roxy Parker.

More cutting edge than your average 'cozy', more contemporary than Agatha Christie, A NOTE BEFORE DYING is the latest, stand-alone mystery starring gutsy ghostwriter Roxy Parker.

With a crush on her next client, Roxy heads to world-famous Byron Bay to ghostwrite the life story of rock legend Jed Moody (think Mick Jagger meets Michael Hutchence). She may be his biggest fan, but the uber sexy rock star has more than his share of enemies, so when he is electrocuted on stage, the amateur sleuth can’t help looking at his so-called admirers.

Was Jed murdered by a jilted lover? His jealous wife? An embittered band member? Or a publicist with plenty to hide? Or is it worse than that? Is it the sexy newcomer who’s caught Roxy’s eye, the one with the chip on his shoulder and the cute Border Collie cross?

In the sixth Ghostwriter Mystery, Roxy is back with a sizzling murder and a soft spot for a country boy with big doe eyes. Determined to prove his innocence, she enlists the help of best friend Detective Gilda Maltin. The problem is, the more she digs, the more Gilda is convinced that Roxy has fallen for a cold-blooded killer.

Author of the best-selling Agatha Christie Book Club, C.A. Larmer produces yet another fun, fast-paced adventure for those looking for a thoroughly modern murder mystery.

WARNING FROM THE AUTHOR: "This book is set in Australia so it contains some adult language and Australian slang—both a popular part of the Aussie lexicon. No offence is intended."

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