One Hundred Poems of Tukaram

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by Chandrakant Kaluram Mhatre

One Hundred Poems of Tukaram

Seeker of Spirituality? Lover of Exquisite Poetry? Look No Beyond "One Hundred Poems of Tukaram"!
This book is a collection of selected poems of Tukaram, the greatest poet from India, who finely blends worldly wisdom with spirituality.
Though written in the seventeenth century, Tukaram's poetry hold its
relevance in our own twenty-first century that is facing so many
self-created evils! These poems will heal your bruised mind with their
spiritual touch and at the same time enrich it with their worldly
wisdom! Much needed fine balance indeed!!!

Tukaram was a seventeenth century Indian poet who challenged the norms of the day, whether literary, social or religious in his poems that not only energized a decaying society but also influenced the centuries to come. Tukaram's poetry hold its rejuvenating powers even in the turbulent times of our own twenty-first century. One Hundred Poems of Tukaram is a translation of selected poems of this visionary poet who makes his reader see every aspect of life in a new light, enabling them to rethink the whole world in more positive terms.

While reading Tukaram, one gets an eerie feeling that Tukaram is a contemporary poet, that the content of his poems is of the present times, that he writes for the current generations. Thus we come across in his poems all that angst that we today experience on seeing innocent people suffering at the hands of the terrorists, when he exclaims:

"Eyes cannot bear to see

Such is the devastation

Pains of others grieve

My heart"

It hardly matters that Tukaram is writing in this poem about the horrific droughts of his times that wiped out an entire generation; this becomes an expression of my heart writhing in pain seeing the images of the thousands of Nigerians killed in the Boko Haram attack. It hardly matters that Tukaram is talking about a nature-inflicted calamity, while our miseries today are self-inflicted. Tukaram's words catch hold of our aching nerve like no contemporary of ours can.

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