Regent: A Wave Singers Novella (Equilibria Book 0)

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by Echo Fox

Regent: A Wave Singers Novella (Equilibria Book 0)

Merrick is a young prince of Thalassis, the ruling city of the Mermaid realm of Thera. The victim of a matriarchal society, Merrick is constantly sidelined in favour of his two older sisters and generally ignored by his mother, the Queen.

When his sister Chrysodeia discovers a portal to another world, everything in Merrick's life changes. His character is shaped by the events that follow and the psychological implications of his family's actions.

Abandoned by everyone and with a tantalising new power growing in the North, Merrick feels he has no choice but to act for the greater good in order to save those he loves.

A novella prequel to Wave Singers by Echo Fox, focusing on Merrick and how he came to be the Regent of Thera.

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