Millie's Promise: Ghosts of the Antebellum Series Book One

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by Chesiree Delacroix

Millie's Promise: Ghosts of the Antebellum Series Book One

When Massachusetts native and recently widowed, Sarah Montgomery, travels to Georgia to wed plantation owner, Thomas Lord, she could never have predicted that love would befall them both at first glance. Thomas is the epitome of a rugged and sexy southern gentleman; a man so unlike her previous husband. As Sarah listens to Thomas’s anguished and disturbing tale of his deceased wife’s terrible sins, she can’t help but wonder what could have caused Ginny Lord to wander down the path of insanity and then murder her own children. Soon after arriving at Lord Plantation, Sarah carefully chooses a new maid servant from among the group of slave women; but she could never have known that her chosen one is coveted by another. Millie is only fifteen, but the young slave girl has suffered much more than Sarah could ever comprehend. And when Sarah decides to make Millie her maid, the overseer on the plantation, Frank Barton, sees red. Frank is a lecherous scoundrel who does not appreciate that his precious plaything has been snatched away from him, and he devises a plan to seek his retribution on the unaware Sarah. Sarah has taken on the role of Millie’s protector from the diabolically malevolent Frank, and she has extracted a solemn promise from Millie in return: to protect Sarah and Thomas’s newborn baby’s life with her own. Sarah has grown to love the young girl and Millie feels the deepest respect for her mistress. But what Sarah doesn’t know is that Millie is now faced with an opportunity much too enticing to pass up and despite Millie’s respect for Sarah, nothing will stand in her way of getting what she wants. As Sarah settles into the routines of life on the plantation, the restless spirit of Ginny guides Sarah from beyond the grave to seek out the hidden secrets of her life, locked away for so long. And when Sarah finally discovers the mystery surrounding the beautiful Ginny Lord, the knowledge will threaten to tear apart the very life she’s come to adore on Lord Plantation. Just when Sarah has uncovered the last of the dead woman’s deepest, darkest secrets, a new threat will emerge from the shadows. Will the sinister evil that descends over Lord Plantation be enough to change Millie’s plans, or will she abandon her promise to her mistress in order to achieve her dreams?

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