An Elf's Homecoming (The Goldenfell Saga Book 1)

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by Laurie Cook

An Elf's Homecoming (The Goldenfell Saga Book 1)

Thomaline, an Elven warrior; had long been living in the world of Men, alone and in disguise. When her latest mission goes wrong, resulting in injury and capture by bandits, a lone Man steps forward to save her life. For Brandt, the night he comes upon the scene of an ambush in the woods, changes his life forever. Her prospects damaged, Thomaline decides to finally answer the Call to return to her far away home and Brandt’s search for adventure along with his infatuation with Thomaline, leads to a partnership. Together they make the long journey to Thomaline's homeland of Goldenfell. The trip leads them into unexpected danger, both on the journey and at their final destination, but the true reason for Thomaline being recalled home is something neither anticipated.

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Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

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Pages: 214


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