Caverns of Procellarum (Steps to Space Book 2)

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by Richard Penn

Caverns of Procellarum (Steps to Space Book 2)

Caverns of Procellarum (Steps to Space Book 2)

by Richard Penn

Marius and his engineer have a great satellite repair business in orbit, but they get a call from an abandoned colony on the moon. Can they rescue the colony before the solar storm hits?
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Engineer Marius and his people are doing a roaring trade in satellite repair and reclamation from their base in Earth Orbit. But then an emergency call comes in. A dozen Chinese miners are stranded in a colony on the Moon. Can he and his apprentice Corinne build a ship and rescue the colony before a solar storm wipes them all out? See the solution they design, and follow them as they lead the colony to a new stage in humanity's spread into space.

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