Pangaea: A Utopian Fantasy

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by A.J. Questerly

Pangaea: A Utopian Fantasy

On her twentieth birthday, Amy Summers is whisked away to another world.

Pangaea-a Utopian society where the arts are not only studied, but mastered. A culture without gods, government, or gold. A beautiful place unmarred by war or suffering.

Each new discovery on this world pulls Amy deeper under the Pangaean spell. From its pristine air to the family she never knew existed, every day surprises her with new wonders.

The Pangaean's well-blended mix of magic and science, along with their empathic connection, and unique moral code frequently leave the young woman amazed, baffled, and always off balance, testing everything she thought she knew.

Her mother is dying, and soon, Amy will inherit her role as Morgan and learn to work the seemingly-magical force of the Bidding to keep Pangaea safe. Before she is fully trained in the use of the Bidding, Pangaea is invaded.

College never prepared her for this.

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