April's Storm (2nd Chance Series)

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by Mary E Hanks

April's Storm (2nd Chance Series)

A storm is brewing in their marriage.

April Gray wants to be accepted for herself—a woman who loves God, her husband, her work with kids, and one who tries to make a difference in her own way. But after nearly two years of life in the parsonage, she’s fed up with people’s expectations of how she should act as the “pastor’s wife.” Weary of unwelcome advice, including her husband’s, and tired of Chad’s around-the-clock vigilance to his congregation, she seeks refuge in exploring the beaches on the island in Alaska where he pastors. There, she feels more alive—more like herself—as she experiences the earthy rhythms of tidal changes, the shoreline’s rustic beauty, and the mesmerizing sound of crashing waves. But a chasm is growing between her and Chad. She begs him to take time off and spend a few days with her, focusing on their marriage, before it’s too late. But he’s busy with counseling sessions. He has sermons to prepare. A host of excuses.

Her husband’s inability to prioritize her as his wife plunges a sword of despair into her heart. Hurt, frustrated, and feeling alone in their marriage, she knows something has to change. Maybe her place of residency. Will Chad ever let go of the reins of his ministry long enough to see her as the woman he pledged to love forever? What will it take for them to find the love and friendship they’ve lost? Or is that even possible now?

"Good fiction distilled from real life - a book well worth reading!" ~Kathy Vancil, missionary pastor's wife

If you enjoy Christian romances about marriage restoration and couples falling in love again, read all the books in this series:

Winter's Past - Book 1
April's Storm - Book 2
Summer's Dream - Book 3
Autumn's Break - Book 4
Season's Flame - Book 5 (Coming in 2017.)

*Each book is about a different main couple, but Ty and Winter's journey is an ongoing part of the series. Reading "Winter's Past" before "April's Storm" may add to the reader's enjoyment.

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