April's Storm (2nd Chance Series)

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by Mary E Hanks

April's Storm (2nd Chance Series)

Can their marriage survive the storm?

Chad Gray thought marriage would help his ministry and his life run smoother. But ever since his wedding a year and a half ago, the parsonage has been in an uproar, April and his women’s ministry leader are constantly at odds, and his wife blames him for “choosing” not to spend time with her. Why can’t she understand the stress he’s under as a pastor of a growing church? Can their marriage survive the turmoil? Can his ministry?

April is doing everything she can to be the pastor’s wife Chad expects her to be. But she wants him to prioritize her as his wife too—which he seems incapable of doing. Married but lonely, weary of the growing distance in their marriage, and suspicious of his “always available” attitude toward a recently separated woman, April determines to get to the cause of their crumbling relationship.

Even if that means leaving. But if she does, will her husband slow down long enough to notice?

“I cried for the young couple as they gave up and gave in to outside demands. Then I cheered for them as they fought with all they had to save their marriage.” Mom of 8

In this Second Chance Series, couples face marital problems and temptations that could tear their relationships apart, yet in the middle of heartache, marriage restoration emerges as a possibility. What will it take for these couples in crisis to rediscover the love that drew them together in the first place? Is marriage reconciliation possible? Or is it already too late?

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Each book is about a different main couple, but Ty and Winter’s story is an ongoing part of the series. Reading Winter’s Past before April’s Storm may add to the reader’s enjoyment.

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