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April's Storm (2nd Chance Series)

Can April and Chad find their way "back" to love?

April's Storm (2nd Chance Series)

by Mary E Hanks

Can April and Chad find their way "back" to love?

April is sure there's only one thing to do--leave Alaska for good!
In this contemporary Christian romance by Mary E. Hanks, April Gray is sick of lectures on how to become the perfect pastor's wife. Seems she can't do anything right! Not to mention, her husband's around-the-clock vigilance to the church is driving her crazy. Has he fallen out of love with her? Why is he avoiding her?
Being a pastor means everything to Chad. He thought April knew that when he married her. Why can't she see he's doing the work of ten men? He doesn't have time for romance when he barely has time to eat. If only there were more hours in the day, he could do more!
Conceding their marriage needs help, Chad agrees to attend a conference with April, where Ty and Winter Williams are sharing their journey of second chances. At first, he struggles with his pride. But God has such a beautiful way of speaking to hearts.
Will a desperate hike up Deer Mountain teach Chad something about humbleness and his need for brokenness and healing in his marriage?
If you enjoy inspirational stories about marriage restoration and couples finding their way "back" to love, be sure to read all the books in this second chance series:
Winter's Past - Book 1
April's Storm - Book 2
Summer's Dream - Book 3
Autumn's Break - Book 4
Season's Flame - Book 5 (Coming in 2017!)
**While each of the stories in this Christian fiction series is about a different main couple, Ty and Winter's journey is an ongoing element. Reading "Winter's Past" before "April's Storm" may add to the reader's enjoyment.

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