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April's Storm (2nd Chance Series)

Can April and Chad find their way "back" to love?

April's Storm (2nd Chance Series)

by Mary E Hanks

Can April and Chad find their way "back" to love?

Will leaving Alaska fix any of their problems?
April Gray is tired of lectures on how to become the perfect pastor's wife. Just because she's made a few clumsy mistakes, was it necessary--or honorable--for Chad to assign a woman in the church to tutor her? If wishes came true, she'd forget all about church responsibilities and spend her afternoons hiking the rugged Alaskan beaches with her husband. But he doesn't have time for her in his busy schedule. And she's convinced his around-the-clock vigilance to the congregation is going to ruin their marriage.
Being a pastor means everything to Chad. He thought April knew that when he married her. When people in the community call on him, he has to stop whatever he's doing and help them. Why can't she see he wants to be a good pastor? He's not trying to neglect her. And he's sorry he doesn't have more time to spend with her. But how can that ever change?
Conceding their marriage needs help, Chad agrees to attend a conference with April where Ty and Winter Williams are sharing their journey of second chances. Can he sit still long enough to listen to their marital advice? Or will he want to rush right back to his duties in Alaska?
If you enjoy Christian romances about marriage restoration and couples finding their way "back" to love, be sure to read all the books in this second chance series:
Winter's Past - Book 1
April's Storm - Book 2
Summer's Dream - Book 3
Autumn's Break - Book 4
Season's Flame - Book 5 (Coming in 2017.)
**While each of the stories in this Christian fiction series is about a different main couple, Ty and Winter's journey is an ongoing element. Reading "Winter's Past" before "April's Storm" may add to the reader's enjoyment.

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