A Tale of Three Bridges: Lisbon, Rome, Istanbul

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A Tale of Three Bridges: Lisbon, Rome, Istanbul

Enigmatic love story

A Tale of Three Bridges: Lisbon, Rome, Istanbul

by Carlos Carvalho

Enigmatic love story

A Tale of Three Bridges.
(Lisbon, Rome, Istanbul)
Embark on an intriguing journey with the author, as he researches and gathers material for his new novel. Travel to three of the most enigmatic cities, Lisbon, Rome and Istanbul, spanning across Europe in a straight line from West to East. Each is famed for its bridges, which become the symbolic links between distinctive people, conflicting ideas and extraordinary events. Romance, science, intrigue, dejection, creation and evolution, happiness, symbolism, misfortune, the universe, and love and friendship, are some of the ingredients in this recipe, that make for such an unusual story.

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