Montana Homestead: How I Built My Homestead Off Grid In The Wilderness

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by Gordon Blaine

Montana Homestead: How I Built My Homestead Off Grid In The Wilderness

"The Homesteader of the 21st Century!" - Tyler Danann, author of "Mountain Hold"

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The author takes the reader on a journey from his first awareness of the need to prep and survive to his eventual decision to move off grid into the wilderness of Montana and start a bugout homestead.

Not a “How To” manual, but more of a journal outlining the events and the readying of the new homestead. With dozens of photographs and detailed explanations of methods, he narrates how he built an 800 square foot cabin with the help of only his wife and kids and a few simple tools.

Featuring sections on grey water discharge systems, installing a well pump, how to supply water off-grid, and calculations on how much land is needed and what kinds of food to grow on it, and more.

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