Death by Disputation (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 2)

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by Anna Castle

Death by Disputation (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 2)

Tom Clarady risks his life, his chastity, and his very soul...

Thomas Clarady is recruited to spy on a group of radical Puritans at Cambridge University with Francis Bacon as his spymaster -- his tutor in tradecraft and politics. Their commission gets off to a deadly start when Tom finds his chief informant hanging from the roof beams. Now he must catch a murderer as well as a seditioner. His first suspect is volatile poet Christopher Marlowe, who keeps turning up in the wrong places.

Dogged by unreliable assistants, chased by three lusty women, and harangued daily by the exacting Bacon, Tom risks heart and soul to stop the villains and win his reward.

First In Category for the 2015 Chaucer Awards Elizabethan/Tudor period!

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