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by Michele Kimbrough


In this friends to lovers romance, Richard is tall, dark, and undeniably gorgeous. Prudence is pretty, independent and seems to have it all together if you're viewing from the outside looking in. However, once you’re inside, it’s a completely different story. She’s a woman who’s been pushed and pulled in so many directions, she’s lost who she is. And, to add to the chaos, her best friend loses her fight to cancer. Just when she thinks she can’t take anymore, her family life is damaged by a long hidden family secret, turning her world upside down.

Richard Mayweather is a widower who lost his wife to cancer almost a year ago. He’s now a single father raising two young daughters with the help of his in-laws and lifelong friend, Prudence. When a blizzard shuts him in with his daughters and Prudence, all of the feelings he’s been suppressing for Prudence resurfaces. Unfortunately, there are too many obstacles between him and the love of his life. First, his in-laws. It has only been a year since their daughter died and they aren’t about to let some woman, particularly Prudence, take her place. Then there is the eleven year relationship that Prudence is in.

Despite the obstacles, Richard believes their love and respect will prevail and is determined to win Prudence’s heart. But will she choose him?

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