Darkness Falls (Submit to Darkness Book 2)

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by AJ Spencer

Darkness Falls (Submit to Darkness Book 2)

Continue the descent into darkness with book 2 of the Submit to Darkness series.

Follow FBI Profiler, Natasha Stolt, as she attempts the unthinkable – trying to get into the mind of the serial killer known as Grimm. After weeks of studying his patterns, reviewing his horrific crime scenes and finding herself the focus of his latest game, Natasha is relentless. Grimm may be a ruthless hunter, but so is she! But what about Natasha’s growing obsession? She is becoming consumed with curiosity about what the man behind the monster will be like. His letters to her are insightful and taunting – just who is studying whom?

Grimm may be the vilest and most dangerous of all killers as he has no code, no clear ritual, and certainly no boundaries! He feeds an uncontrollable rage with each victim and shows no signs of ever sating that hunger. His interest in Natasha is becoming insatiable as well, and he finds his little huntress to be a worthy adversary. She is strong, intelligent, and he wants to provoke her, dominate her, and own her!
What will happen when these two opposing forces of nature finally clash? Will Natasha’s ever-growing curiosity about the man, lead her dangerously close to a darkness she cannot escape from? Will Grimm have his way and finally feel Natasha within his grasp?

Note from the author - Please be aware this book contains graphic content and is intended for mature readers only. This book will bring you front and center to witness violent acts performed by a brutal killer as well as explicit sex scenes. This book is also part two in a three part series, it is recommended you read book one EDGE OF DARKNESS to fully understand the story.

~Reviews for EDGE OF DARKNESS~
By Books and Beyond Fifty Shades
This was a great book. I loved Natasha, especially the way she handled some members of the police force she was working alongside with when they didn’t take to kindly to her job. Natasha is clearly dedicated to her job. When they tried to pull her for her own safety she was adamant that she wanted to stay. I really love when a book has a strong female character. It’s refreshing to see a woman who can handle her own and stick up for herself.

By Angela Gibbs
It is fast-paced, with characters that are well-developed and detailed descriptions that easily have you watching this story in your mind as you are reading it. You can see the characters, and you have empathy for them. Well, some of them. Derik Ryder; not so much.

By michelle ryan
I almost chewed my fingernail off. Derik is one sick thing...I call him a thing because of what he does. He makes Hannibal look like a sweet little kitten.

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