Inspirited: From the Annals of Annah

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by Sheila Swift

Inspirited: From the Annals of Annah

Desperate to start a new life after her divorce, Annah met a man and immediately fell in love. Then one day, without warning, her utopia crumbled. It was as if someone flipped a switch, turning off the bright light in her life. Her fairy tale romance ended on a sour note which landed her in a battlefield of depression. She struggled to make sense of her shattered existence.

Many depression sufferers lose their battle because they let their dark forces prevail. We must first understand the psychological evolution one must endure to emerge a healthier person. Annah bravely recounts her battle of good versus evil, which she emphatically concludes is embedded in our souls at conception—a duality that everyone possesses. It doesn’t rear its ugly head until we are desperately vulnerable. That is when your demon of darkness comes forward with a ravaging determination. If you believe in yourself, an invisible force will arm you with the tools and wisdom you need to annihilate this monster called Depression.

She embarked on an extraordinary journey after being diagnosed. But instead of turning her back and underestimating the power of this debilitating illness, she felt it was necessary to share her experience with the world, hoping it would empower those who are suffering through it or enlighten those who struggle to understand it. She wasn’t going to take the coward’s way out and write it off as an unfortunate circumstance. She was going to share her extraordinary, true story.

Your day of reckoning isn’t necessarily the day you die physically, a part of you can die spiritually……………….

“This book was created for the readership who is interested in witnessing first-hand the true events of a person lunged deep into depression. You are able to experience the horror of self-identification while overcoming the internal demons that lay dormant in all of us. Swift does an excellent job in creating this world for the sane to empathize with the less than sane. The writing style of the book was eloquent. There are a plethora of passages that were beautifully constructed with colorful words. The writer describes the different settings of Annah’s dreams so closely; it puts the reader directly into the dreams. You literally are exposed to all the senses in these episodes that you literally feel you are there. Swift also illustrates how Annah starts off mentally stable to a complete mental disaster. You actually experience the affects of depression with Annah. I also appreciated the 3rd person point of view as well as the trickling of first person diary entries. It gave the book more levels and textures.”

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Genres: Astrology, Fantasy, Memoir, Paranormal, Time Travel

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