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Evi's Curse (Evi Mystery Series Book 1)

A funny mystery.

Evi's Curse (Evi Mystery Series Book 1)

by Kathleen Grasso

A funny mystery.

Inspired by novelists like Janet Evanovich and Sophie Kinsella, the Evi Morris series are humorous mysteries, full of fun twists and turns.

Evi Morris is consumed with getting married. All of her life, she’s dreamed of being a pampered housewife, and now it’s finally about to happen. She’s so busy with designer wedding gowns and stilettos, the last thing on her mind is the rumored family curse. After all, everyone knows there's no such thing as psychics.

When the accident-prone Evi trips and hits her head, she begins having visions of the wealthy Richard Bennigan being murdered by an unknown assailant. Although she's forced to consider the curse may be real, she's hoping the visions are just the product of a concussion.

When it's clear they are actual glimpses of the future, Evi, along with help from her newly divorced neighbor, sets out on a quest to save a man who not only despises her, but refuses to believe he’s in danger. Along the way, she learns stilettos aren't her friend, and true love has nothing to do with being pampered.

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