Aftermath (Fractured Book 2.5)

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by Elle Charles

Aftermath (Fractured Book 2.5)

This is a newly re-edited edition of the novel (26 June 2016).

Book 2.5 of the Fractured Series - the first book is currently free to download.

Every action has a consequence and this is the aftermath.

My name is Kara Petersen.

I am one of life’s survivors, but my life has not been easy.

I am the product of a dysfunctional, broken home and parents who don’t care.

Fallen from grace, abandoned and betrayed, I am now alone.

Then there was hope. A boy, a saviour. He saved me, empowered me, and gave me the strength and courage to leave.

To live.

His actions will not be in vain.

I will do whatever it takes to survive.

My name is Sloan Foster.

I am one of life’s failures, but my life has not been fair.

I am the product of a loving home, a mother and father who adored each other, until death paved the way for the devil.

Trapped inside a world with a gilded façade, I have always felt alone.

Then there was hope.

A girl, an angel, a beacon of pure light in the dark. She subconsciously called to me, reached deep into my soul, unknowingly claiming a part of myself I had let die years ago.

I promised I would do whatever it took to be her protector. My promises were unachievable and futile.

I will do whatever it takes to find her again.

Please note this is a 36,000 word novella, chronicling the lives of Kara and Sloan and the ‘missing’ eight years. It is not a continuation of the present story, and should be read after Fractured and Tormented.

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