Hot Bed Vegetable Gardening: Growing Early Veggies Using Traditional Hot Bed Gardening Techniques

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by James Paris

Hot Bed Vegetable Gardening:  Growing Early Veggies Using Traditional Hot Bed Gardening Techniques

What Is Hot Bed Gardening All About?
Growing vegetables out of season using Hot Beds is nothing new, in fact it is a gardening technique that goes back many centuries in some cultures. It had a resurgence at the beginning of the 20th century when the French gardeners took hold off and perfected the idea, and as a result exported massive amounts of early fresh vegetables to the UK in particular.

With the todays growing interest in all things organic, and the push for fresh vegetables year-round, this Hot Bed gardening technique has again piqued the interest of vegetable growers, healthy eating, and self-sufficiency enthusiasts.

By using proven age-old techniques mingled with modern intensive gardening methods, it is now possible to grow many vegetables all year round - even in the cold northern climates!

In this book you will learn..
What Hot Bed gardening is all about. Where did the idea come from and 'The Fall & Rise of Hot Bed Gardening' to the place today where it is once more in demand.

How to create your own Hot Bed. These can be created traditionally using manure, or rotting vegetation (organic beds). Alternatively electricity, hot water and hot air. Can all be utilised to facilitate the process and 'force on' your vegetables.

How to maximise your intensive gardening production using Hot Beds in conjunction with Cold-Frames, Raised Beds or even Straw Bales, to get the best production out of your Hot Bed garden.

How to plant out your HBG to maximise production throughout the year, and not just in the early colder seasons.

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