A Pony Called Handy

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A Pony Called Handy

Anna gets a pony for her 8th birthday.What will her friends think? Will Handy and Anna get on?

A Pony Called Handy

by Cindy Schulz

Anna gets a pony for her 8th birthday.What will her friends think? Will Handy and Anna get on?

On her 10th birthday Anna gets the surprise of her life. All her dreams come true as a pony steps from the float into her yard. She instantly falls in love with him and can’t wait for school the next day to tell her friends.
She and her friends have been riding borrowed ponies for some time and all dream of one day owning their very own ponies. Now Anna’s dreams have come true.
Will her friends be so lucky?
Will they be jealous of Anna?
Will they like the little brown gelding that Anna has named Handy?
Shortly after getting Handy Anna has a serious accident involving him. Her mother is upset and wants to sell him.
What will happen to the little pony?
Will Anna’s determination to keep him, change her mothers’ mind?

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