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Alexis by Night (The Complete Trilogy)

Another Bestseller from Bianca James

Alexis by Night (The Complete Trilogy)

by Bianca James

Another Bestseller from Bianca James

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*** Includes an exclusive bonus story ***

Dominant, commanding and ruggedly sexy billionaire and CEO, Trent Hudson, uses women to satisfy his unbridled lust, even if he has to pay for it.
Mom-turned-nighttime-escort, Alexis knows his dirty little secret, but when their worlds collide, all hell breaks loose. Why is it, then, that she still feels a clawing need for him when she thinks about ‘that night’?
Perhaps an evening of kink with a client will distract Alexis, as she strives to satisfy his particular fetish?
If that’s not enough, then a wild and steamy evening helping a married couple live out their fantasy of a raunchy, no limits and sizzling hot ménage et trois, might do the job.
The last thing she needs is a love triangle. But that’s exactly what she gets when the mischievous, ripped and hard bodied Mark enters her life, with his chiseled abs, soft curls and to-die-for emerald green eyes.

From Best Selling Author - Bianca James

"Ms. James is a master of her craft." - Sylvia Storm
"Channel your inner Alexis, grab your favorite naughty girl drink and slip into this series." - Deliciously Wicked Books
"Intelligent, Hot, Believable." - MsRomanticReads
"This story has everything you want to make your panties wet and your heart melt." - Jessica

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