The Grinning Dog

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by Ed Halliday

The Grinning Dog

This dark humorous thriller with a romantic twist pivots around the well known fact that people love their pets, and no pet has captured the human heart more so than the humble and ever loyal dog. But is their undying desire to protect and serve their masters mutual? How far will a man go for his best friend? This darkly humorous tale explores this question to the very limit, as well as the consequences and mayhem that ensues. You'll laugh, cry, and laugh some more as we follow John the septic tanker driver and his best friend on an unprecedented two week journey through the rigours of life and death, love and betrayal.
Ed Halliday's books are for lovers of dark humour. His reviewers have likened his work to Douglas Adams of Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy fame as well as Elmore Leonard and a touch of the humour of the great Terry Pratchett.

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