An Illustrated Guide to Photoshop Layers

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An Illustrated Guide to Photoshop Layers

Easy to follow guide to Photoshop layers

An Illustrated Guide to Photoshop Layers

by R. Emerson Hawkins

Easy to follow guide to Photoshop layers

In this book the subject of Photoshop layers is covered in full detail. Layers is an area of much confusion to many Photoshop users but until it is fully understood you cannot utilize Photoshop to its fullest potential. The book I covers most everything you need to know concerning layers from the very basics up through layers masks, blending modes, layer styles, opacity and fills, the use of adjustments layers, filters, and even delves into some lesser known functions such as variable and data sets.

This book is intended for Photoshop users who possess at least an elementary working knowledge of the various tools and filters, and wish to learn how and when to take advantage of layers and their best use towards non-destructive editing practices. For those who currently know something about layers it will fill in the blank areas,

The book is fully illustrated with over 50 images showing the various menus and palettes connected to layer creation and editing.

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