The Claiming of Callan

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by Connie Lafortune

The Claiming of Callan

My name is Logan Black... I’ve always known I was different, that something dark and twisted lurked just below the surface of my skin. Waiting, for her... Five years of passion and pleasure so intense, we begin and end together. Until one dark and rainy night, my life is forever changed... A heartbeat, a breath, or the blink of an eye, that’s how quickly your perfect life could cease to exist. In a few short weeks, everyone I love is slipping through my fingers... Now, how can I possibly choose between the woman who owns my heart, and a family that needs me? Walking away is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I’ve convinced myself she’s better off without me, but the monster inside ache’s for her... Callan will always be the light to my darkness. A year has passed by and I still crave her touch, her body tangled with mine. Until, one phone call changes everything. Now it’s time to claim what’s always been mine. The Claiming of Callan is a passionate and compelling novel—a riveting story of love, heartache and one man’s struggle to live without regrets about decisions he cannot change.

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