Black Ops: Cemetery Wind: "Their heroism and bravery known only to themselves."

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by Ed Schroeder

Black Ops: Cemetery Wind:

Black Ops: Cemetery Wind is the fictional account of the ultra-secret, U. S. Army Intelligence Support Activity. This is the fictional account of real men and women who put their lives on the line every day in defense of the United States. The unit is unique in the world of special operations in that, they have the ability to generate their own intelligence and immediately act on it. The unit members are highly skilled in electronic intelligence gathering and are trained by the National Security Agency. The unit never makes the news and when asked, the U.S. Army will not officially acknowledge their existence. This is the fictional account of the real unit of nameless, faceless men and women who silently and without fanfare keep America safe; their heroism and bravery known only to themselves.

Black Ops: Grey Fox, is available in pre-release on Amazon now.

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