Edge of Darkness (Submit to Darkness Book 1)

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by AJ Spencer

Edge of Darkness (Submit to Darkness Book 1)

Like a little sinister with your sexy? Then this dark romance thriller might be for you! However, heed the warning…

Begin the journey of a lifetime as FBI Profiler, Natasha Stolt, is swept up in the hunt for the serial killer known as Grimm. He may be a ruthless hunter, but so is she. This introduction to the Submit to Darkness series by Indie Author, AJ Spencer, doesn’t just push, but obliterates the boundaries of crime and erotic novels alike!

Natasha will face her own darkness as she gets closer to finding the man that has terrified New York City for months. As she delves deeper into his crimes and the psychology that makes up such a killer, her fate will become tangled with his. What happens when she becomes dangerously curious about the man behind the monster? Will the shadows of his depraved and violent world shatter her sanity? Or will Natasha be able to remain safe at the edge of darkness?

More importantly, will you become as obsessed with her prey as she does?

EDGE OF DARKNESS is the first book in a three part series. They must be read in order to fully understand the story.

WARNING: Please be aware this series contains graphic content and is only intended for mature audiences.

~Reviewer’s comments~
“Derik makes Hannibal look like a sweet little kitten”
“Kept my mind turning throughout the entire book”
“A storyline that will have many looking deep inside themselves”
“Gives one the heebie jeebies”

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