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by LK Chapman


They thought it was just a video game, but it’s not. Someone is out there. Watching.

Nick is somebody who needs his life to change. Exhausted, broke, and cracking under the pressure of trying to hold everything together, it begins to seem like there is no end in sight. Then the video game he’s spent two years developing alongside his best friend Dan mysteriously disappears to be replaced with something new, something better, something finished.

Initially unsure whether to release the game, Nick makes a snap decision when he learns of the impact that his struggles finishing the game are having on his wife, Lily, who has a history of depression. Before long, positive reviews and sales come rolling in, but Nick finds himself in a worse position than ever before. Because the game is not content to simply be played. It wants to change, it wants to grow, and most disturbing of all, it seems to want something from them.


"I never thought that a book mostly centered around a video game would be so rich in content and so entertaining." Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite

"Chapman has a brilliantly unique style of story-telling that plays and tests with your every emotion in each and every chapter." Jim Murdoch for

"It’s definitely one you will be talking about with your friends." Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers' Favorite

Networked contains several chapters depicting a character's journey with depression. Some readers may find this content upsetting.

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Genres: Different, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Speculative Fiction, Thriller

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 318

ASIN: B00NH1922G

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Sales Rank: 523647

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