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by LK Chapman


Video game designers Nick and Dan find their half-finished project suddenly replaced with a game that is finished - and brilliant. Soon players everywhere find themselves immersed in an incredible new virtual world. But events in the game become increasingly sinister, taking over the lives of players and blurring the lines with reality.

As Nick's life is thrown into turmoil he fears for his friend Dan, and his wife Lily, both of whom seem to be drawn to the game to escape their own troubles, and he finds himself increasingly asking: Where has the game come from? Who made it? What is it for? And most importantly... What does it want from them?

Networked is a compelling tale of three people - one who just wants to take care of his family, one who feels isolated and angry, and one who is trying to be free from depression, and their experiences with one incredible game: A game where they ultimately find themselves questioning what it means to be human, what it means to be alive, and what life is.


"I never thought that a book mostly centered around a video game would be so rich in content and so entertaining."  Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite

"Chapman has a brilliantly unique style of story-telling that plays and tests with your every emotion in each and every chapter." Jim Murdoch for

"It’s definitely one you will be talking about with your friends." Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers' Favorite

What Amazon readers are saying:

"Well thought out and wonderfully written"

"Seriously gripping and intensely involved"

"I can't recommend it enough to fans of the more thoughtful brand of sci-fi"

"A book to really get lost in"

"The attention to detail in the characters state of mind is incredible"

"Couldn't put it down!"

Networked contains several chapters depicting a character's journey with depression. Some readers may find this content upsetting.

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Genres: Different, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Speculative Fiction, Thriller

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 318

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