Once Upon a Western Way: An Epic Tale of the Western Empire

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by Markie Madden

Once Upon a Western Way: An Epic Tale of the Western Empire

Young Susan finds herself moved far away from her childhood home, and betrothed to the prince of a neighboring kingdom. She vows to hate her new husband, but when they are young adults, an unstoppable force destroys their homes and families, and he is the only one she can turn to.

Prince Joseph fell in love with her the moment their eyes met. But her prickly attitude tells him that he will have to work hard to win her affections. And when circumstances out of his control throws them together, he would give his own blood to keep her safe.

Together, are they strong enough to defeat the most unlikely of foes, and free the people of the Western Empire from slavery? Or will they simply vanish into the hourglass of time, two small grains of sand lost forever in history?

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