Godless (For Queen or Country Series Book 2)

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by J.B. Markes

Godless (For Queen or Country Series Book 2)

Months after returning home, Marcus is summoned to the capital once again, this time to answer for a dark secret buried deep within Sir Kenthal’s past.

Once a secret powerful enough to tear the realm apart, it now promises to heal a land threatened by war and sets Marcus on the path to personal redemption.

But when duty calls and he finds his own loyalties challenged, he is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the nation he once fought so desperately to protect.

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This is the second installment of the For Queen or Country fantasy series. Follow Marcus on his continuing quest to protect his friends, reconnect with his family, rekindle an old flame, and prevent the realm from plunging deeper into darkness. Also be sure to check out The Bear of Alon, book three in the series.

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Pages: 362

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