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by David Manoa

A multi-millionaire business owner Oliver Manuel heads Into town to celebrate a lucrative acquisition with his business partner Marc Strong.
At the end of the night Marc drags Oliver to a strip club where he is forced to wait for Marc at the bar, while he pays to have sex with his regular clients there. Upon waiting a young woman working there named Emily approaches Oliver but is turned away by her advances as he is waiting on Marc and wants nothing to do. With the place and is disgusted by the women that work there.
When Emily realises Oliver is a no go she joins him for a drink anyway and tries to uncover his reasons. During their conversation Oliver is taken back by how beautiful smart and sexy Emily is that he gives in to her charms.
He drops 50,000 dollars at the bar as an offer to work for him as his personal assistant giving her the chance to start a new life and forge a career.
But there is one rule. The arrangement is strictly professional.
But things become difficult when Oliver who tries to keep it professional begins to fall in love with Emily that he becomes
Torn by the conflict inside.
The mixed messages he puts out to Emily putting them both in a world of hurt...

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Google Category: None

Pages: 50

ASIN: B00N82I3R4

Sales Rank: 2914055

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