The expected demise of Bernard Fish

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by Ed Halliday

The expected demise of Bernard Fish

A very unique and comical view of life, death and all that comes after it. This very darkly humorous but strangely heart warming tale follows the unremarkable Bernard Fish as he learns that living is far less simple than he thought. He also discovers that being dead is more exciting than he could ever have imagined, not that he has ever had much of an imagination.
Betrayal, greed, love and lust all play a part in this simple everyday story of an ordinary man who wasn't supposed to know he was going to die. With guest appearances from God and of course Satan as well as a host of afterlife characters, this book will put ideas in your head beyond your strangest dreams. Ed Halliday's books are for lovers of dark humour. His reviewers have likened his work to Douglas Adams of Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy fame as well as Elmore Leonard and a touch of the humour of the great Terry Pratchett.

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