Medical Cannabis: A Balanced, Evidence Based Look Beyond the Propaganda

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by Meredith K. Converse

Medical Cannabis: A Balanced, Evidence Based Look Beyond the Propaganda

Medical Cannabis is one of the hottest topics right now, in addition to being one of the most controversial. With the long, sordid history that this plant possesses, that should come as no surprise. While the recent trend of legalization in states like Washington and Colorado has muddled the argument, medical cannabis is still a reality in 23 States along with Washington DC.

•How did it get that way?
•Is it just a loophole to smoke recreational cannabis?
•Is there real science behind it?
•Is Big Pharma involved?

The answers to these, however, aren't always clear. To remedy that, this book will cover every aspect of cannabis that is vital to the ongoing conversation. For the vast majority of people, medical cannabis is still a mysterious topic. No matter how many people they might have met that have used cannabis in the past, the actual uses might be beyond their comprehension.
Many people claim that it is a miracle cure for everything from cancer to ADD/ADHD, while some say that it is nothing but the harmful, life-destroying drug that it has always been legally designated. This is the center of the argument discussed here. Which side is right? Are they both being entirely honest? The time has come to butt out the propaganda from both parties and get down to what should matter most to the public: the cold hard facts.

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