The Quilt: Unravelled

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by Rochelle Carlton

The Quilt: Unravelled

The worst day in Joanne Kyle's life began with her naked fiancé fading from sight in the rear-view mirror of her car. It ended with news so devastating she collapsed on the floor of an airport toilet. In a heartbeat everything in her life was different. Joanne transitioned from career to caregiver and began an emotional journey that would change her forever.

Paul Clarke looks like he could have stepped out of the pages of a women's magazine. A web of deceit has trapped him in an unhappy marriage and forced him to settle on his family's high-country farm. When Paul uncovered the truth, his life was thrown into turmoil.

No one could predict the tragedy that makes Joanne question everything she once believed and brings Paul Clarke into her life.

A story of love and unexpected romance unfolds against the backdrop of New Zealand’s stunning landscape. The Quilt, Unravelled is a compelling tale of friendship, closure and a family’s struggle across the generations.

The author of this book resides in New Zealand. If you are a reader from the United States, the spelling of some words may differ slightly from what is familiar to you.

"This should become a TV series or a movie. It is that good in my opinion." - Mr Butler

"Moving, rousing and beautifully written." - Jackie Parry

“A story that is both personal and intimate. This multi-generation family saga is immense in scope (and intense).” – Mark Fine

“This is not sugar coated romance, but a dramatic and moving tale of the lives and complex relationships of generations of the individuals depicted” – Lola Arnold

"Being away from New Zealand it was such an indulgence to be given such wonderful imagery." - Meilyrox

Mature content warning. This book contains language that may offend some readers.

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