Road to Nowhere

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by Evan Shapiro

Road to Nowhere

Patrick’s everyday disdain for his job at the corporate juggernaut, PetroSynth, gets a mind altering jolt when he discovers a secret document hidden in his Manager’s office. Without destination, he flees to escape the disturbing truth that he now knows.

While trying to lose himself in the Australian outback, Patrick meets an old and enigmatic sage named, Ancient. Together, they begin to uncover facts that shake Patrick’s very reality and confirm his suspicions of political environmental crime.   

How will gifted scientist, Kirby, cope with the unsettling knowledge that her research is about to be corrupted? Is the mysterious disappearance of her husband co-incidental? What role does the spiritual Khartuist movement play in the unfolding catastrophic chaos that will affect all of humanity?

This fast-paced futuristic cli-fi chronicle weaves conspiracy, murder, genius, love and humour into a ride that takes the reader around the world and into outer space. What forces are at play behind global warming and its threat to every species? Is humanity irrevocably on a Road to Nowhere?

What makes this debut novel from Evan Shapiro a thoroughly engrossing read is that it is hard to pigeon hole into any particular genre. Part science fiction, thriller, mystery and romp. A fun and at times gritty ride. It's a page turner written with insight, irreverence and is an apt observation of humanity's capacity for suffering and destruction, yet with potential to make a positive change.
G King

‘Road To Nowhere’ gives us a thought-provoking glimpse into an uncompromising future that brilliantly juxtaposes futuristic hedonism with the bare fundamentals of human frailty.
M Jury

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