Girls Aloud Super Trivia Quiz Book - Bronze Edition (World's Best Super Trivia)

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by Suzella Smith

Girls Aloud Super Trivia Quiz Book - Bronze Edition (World's Best Super Trivia)

Five young ladies known as Girls Aloud took Britain by storm in the 2000s with a string of incredible pop hits. Dominating the UK song charts and selling out concert halls and arenas, they hypnotized and excited with their looks, style, and -- most of all -- those irresistible tunes. Coming from humble backgrounds, they made themselves rich in the process of becoming the biggest British girl band ever.

Now you can find out whether you're just a fan -- or a super fan! -- with this all-new book of Girls Aloud trivia. Challenge yourself and your friends to see how much you know about the music and members of this amazing group.

Sample Questions:

Girls Aloud were created as part of a reality TV talent show. What was the show?
A. The X Factor
B. Popstars: The Rivals
C. Strictly Come Dancing
D. Big Brother
E. Britain's Got Talent

In 2007, Girls Aloud made a cameo appearance in a new St. Trinian's movie. What was their role in the film?

A. They played the school band.
B. They played school headmistress Camilla Dagey Fritton's five terrible nieces.
C. They played a gang of chavs.
D. They played drunk party-goers at a celebration of the hockey's team's victory over a rival school.
E. They played undercover investigators into crinimal goings-on at the school.

Which of the following Girls Aloud songs has a distinct reggae flavor?

A. "Call the Shots"
B. "Something Kinda Ooooh"
C. "Girl Overboard"
D. "Control of the Knife"
E. "Swinging London Town"

Who are the girls of Girls Aloud?
A. Cheryl Cole, Perrie Edwards, Sarah Harding, Jesey Nelson, Kimberley Walsh
B. Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Gerri Halliwell, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh
C. Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh
D. Cheryl Coal, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harden, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh
E. Emma Bunton, Perrie Edwards, Jesey Nelson, Rihanna, Nicola Roberts

In a 2011 interview, while the group was on hiatus, Nicola Roberts said she intended to have Girls Aloud reunite for their 10th anniversary -- even if she had to do what?
A. Go to a tanning salon and get horribly sunburned, to make the other girls come running to her side
B. Appeal to the Queen
C. Donate all her earnings from a 10th-anniversary tour to charity
D. Sabotage the other girls' various solo projects
E. Drag the other girls by the hair

Who called Girls Aloud "the ultimate form of life?"
A. Biologist Richard Dawkins
B. One Direction's Zayn Malik
C. Coldplay's Chris Martin
D. The girls themselves did
E. Kate Middleton

Read this highly addictive ebook, and test yourself and your friends on your Girls Aloud smarts! Makes a great party book!

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