Lurking Miscellany: A collection of short stories

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by D.A Lascelles

Lurking Miscellany: A collection of short stories

“It’s you!” She stood up and backed away, pointing accusingly at Orchil. “You’re doing this to me! You’re using some form of... of... magic.” What else could explain it? A spell, a curse, an inexplicable phenomenon. Magic!
Orchil laughed. “You really that stupid? I thought you followed the great god, Science? Sit, girl, sit and let me tell you how the trick was done. And that’s a rare thing, a Shaman explaining their magic, so you better listen well!”

An environmental activist with the power to control the elements
A xeno-anthropologist Gate Tech seeking to learn the secrets of an alien race
A shape changing fey playing havoc in a nightclub.

These are just some of the characters that live in the shadows of the secret worlds that surround us. Discover their stories in this enthralling anthology. Embrace the lurking miscellany.

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