Create Wealth Using the Principles of Feng Shui: A Guide for Beginners

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by Meredith K. Converse

Create Wealth Using the Principles of Feng Shui: A Guide for Beginners

Learn the secrets of wealth Feng Shui the “Masters” don’t want you to know!
Many “Masters” and Feng Shui Consultants are getting rich from people’s lack of knowledge of the principles of Feng Shui.

You can understand the basic principles of how to create wealth with Feng Shui in one hour – Guaranteed!

Inside this guide, you will learn:

* What Feng Shui is and why the Chinese Communists banned it.
* The Characteristics of Ying and Yang
* The Five Elements of Feng Shui
* The Sequence of Production and Destruction
* How to Enhance the Wealth Generating Zones of Your Home or Office.
* About the Bagua Map and more…

As a beginner, the truth is you really only need one good resource. Why? Because the basics of Feng Shui are the same!

Let me remind you that there is nothing wrong with wanting to create wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Money is really a tool to enable you to live your life to the fullest.
Start creating more wealth, prosperity and abundance today!

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