For Queen or Country (For Queen or Country Series Book 1)

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by J.B. Markes

For Queen or Country (For Queen or Country Series Book 1)

Marcus Whitman is the squire of the Queen’s Champion Sir Alexander Kenthal, a man who has forged himself into a living legend wielding a magicked blade of questionable origin.

But when Sir Kenthal is given the impossible task of bringing a rogue sorcerer to justice, Marcus learns that the Champion may not be the hero the realm believes him to be.

Tested by his lord’s slow descent into darkness—and by an alluring sorceress whose own motives are unclear—young Marcus is caught up in a world of beauty and betrayal that threatens not only his life, but the fate of a nation as well.

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This is but one knight's quest to slay a shadowmancer. It is the first installment of the For Queen or Country series. Be sure to check out Godless and The Bear of Alon for more adventure!

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