Lucky: A Lucky Marks Mystery (The Lucky Marks Mysteries Book 1)

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by G.W. Pomichter

Lucky: A Lucky Marks Mystery (The Lucky Marks Mysteries Book 1)

This homage to the era of classic "Detective Noir" stories is a fun and exciting journey through the streets of L.A. in 1945. Will Marks has just returned home from World War II hoping restart his life as a L.A.P.D. cop, but when civilian life begins to take it's toll, Will is challenged to keep his nose clean and pay his dues. Near the end of his rope, a case nobody wants, a friend nobody believes and a dame with gams to die for all lead him on a perilous journey of self discovery he will never forget. Love, lust, and lamentation, travel beside Will "Lucky" Marks down a winding road of intrigue, mystery and murder. These events collectively conspire to twist the WWII veteran into just another L.A. Story gone bad or transform a war hero into a gritty and great L.A. shamus reminiscent of Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe.

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