Life House

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by Kelan Wyld

Life House

Life House, a home for troubled youth, has been in existence for 50 years. For 15 of those years, Noel Misselton has split her life between the family-owned-and-operated bookstore, and mentoring the children that have passed through Life House. Noel couldn't be happier with her chosen path.

Enter one Colton Harper, financial tycoon and staunch businessman, determined to create a metropolis out of the mid-sized town of Briarcrest. A shelter with a bunch of hoodlums is not in his plans. However, neither is a feisty, dark-haired beauty that arrives in his office doorway, shooting daggers after Colton issues an eviction notice, and before Thanksgiving even! After only a small confrontation, Noel Missleton has pegged Colton for the cold-hearted man his father brought him up to be. Instead of sparking anger, Colton sees Noel as an opponent worthy of a little competition.

Will Colton insist on the closure of the most important part of Noel's life? Will Noel succeed in showing Colton the errors of his ways and help him remember what it's like to be a willing participant in humanity?

Only time will tell, and there is very little time. Colton has given Noel until the first of the New Year to prove the worth of the shelter. Will anything survive the upheaval of emotions when two iron-willed opponents come face to face, defending the very ground that each of them holds in the utmost of importance?

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