City of the Way

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by RW Krpoun

City of the Way

Staff Sergeant William Harrison Packer, US Army, is a dead man walking. The alien Celmar have invaded Earth, and things are not going well for Humanity. A peacetime soldier, Sergeant Packer reluctantly volunteered to return to the colors in the face of an alien onslaught.

Recovering from wounds in a (relatively) safe billet in Austin, Texas, a chance conversation with a draft-dodger sparks a chain of events that embroils Sergeant Packer in a conspiracy that takes him far beyond his pay grade. Circumstances lift him from the simple role of a Military Police NCO in a military backwater into an investigation that takes him through the darkest side of wartime Austin and beyond. Facing everything from upset peace activists to Celmar Mutated and Augmented combat creatures, Sergeant Packer struggles to locate the truth about the City of the Way.

A grim tale set in an Earth under assault by hostile aliens, City of the Way takes the reader through a near-future in which Mankind is trapped in a genocidal conflict for its survival.

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