THE ALLURE OF THE RED WYRM: Part Three of 'The Trouble with Wyrms' Trilogy

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by Mike Williams

THE ALLURE OF THE RED WYRM: Part Three of 'The Trouble with Wyrms' Trilogy

Grubdale was such a nice, quiet town before the witches came. Not your average witches with gum disease and a chin like a bog brush, but thoroughly modern, respectable witches in tweeds and sensible shoes.They’ve arrived from a small planet a jiggle to the left and a tiny bit down from the buckle on Orion’s Belt, and now all hell has broken loose. There are rats setting fire to the town, giant rats that’d be up and through your undercarriage like a doctor’s thermometer. The dead and dripping are off for an evening stroll, while overlooking the town at Grubdale Towers, Rowena Carp and Bethesda Chubb are throwing seagull after seagull high into the air to find help.
The problem is the prince. Now that Tarantulus Spleen - evil sorcerer with a face like a bluebottle - has discovered the poor boy’s hiding place, he’s sent his henchmen back through space and time to kill him. Only the Stately Wyrms of England can save the boy now, but they’ve got more pressing concerns on their minds than rescuing a snotty little prince; making ickle bitty baby dragons being one of them, if only the Red Wyrm of Wales would wake up and do the business.
The Allure of the Red Wyrm - the final part of ‘The Trouble with Wyrms’ trilogy. The comedy continues...

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