Probiotics: A Guide for Beginners (Change How You Think about Food Book 1)

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by Meredith K. Converse

Probiotics: A Guide for Beginners (Change How You Think about Food Book 1)

Change how you think about Probiotics and Fermented Foods

Do you have a good relationship with Food?
Maybe you are always trying the latest diet or food fad?
Is food just fuel for you?
Does food need to contain certain nutrients?

Why probiotics?
There is nothing new about probiotics. The only thing that's new is that you can now
buy them from the billion dollar health industry in the form of probiotic supplements. Throughout history people from all over the world have consumed large amounts of probiotics in the form of fermented and cultured foods, which were invented long before refrigeration and other types of food preservation were available.

This series will also explore some of the factors that have complicated our relationship with food, including fashion, technology, diet, and culture, along with simple ways we can begin to address these unhealthy obsessions and begin to readdress the true role of food as a source of pure energy and health. The first of the series will focus on probiotics foods, traditional and nourishing food that when added to a healthy and balanced diet, can provide energy and health benefits. This guide is both a practical, and a philosophical guide to the benefits of probiotics.

Take Action. Why wait? You could be enjoying your homemade probiotic yoghurt and benefiting from the best probiotic foods.

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