Zukie's Witness (Zukie Merlino Mysteries Book 2)

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by Cynthia E. Hurst

Zukie's Witness (Zukie Merlino Mysteries Book 2)

Teenager Austin Barrett made a big mistake when he tried to mug Zukie Merlino, but now he’s on the run after witnessing a murder and he needs her help. And why not? Whether it’s helping her friends at the delicatessen to corner an olive oil shoplifter or tracking down a killer who seems to have vanished into thin air, Zukie is always willing to put her pasta e fagioli on the back burner and apply her detective skills to solving a mystery.
‘Zukie’s Witness’ is the second novel in the Zukie Merlino Mysteries series, following ‘Zukie’s Burglar’. Cynthia E. Hurst is also the author of the R&P Labs Mysteries series of novels and short stories.

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